They try to capture the power of nature
through wires of copper and steel.
But the power of clouds rambling the forest
can only be captured by an open mind.

Winter Birches

Snowcovered fingers touching me,
chilling my neck as I gently push you aside.
Searching the hart of the forest,
you will still be there when I am gone.

Shadow in the dark

Not really sure
if you were there.
Still my encounter with you
were true.

The Forest

"Coniferous forest" - the teacher told me - consist mainly of pine, spruce and in some places larch.
But I know better;
In the forest you will encounter fairytales and hidden mysteries.


You came suddenly out of the dark forest. Looking frightened.
You fled away. Haunted. Something terrible were chasing you.
"To eat or to be eaten" were the rules you lived by.
You didn't know this rule; "to be extinct".